The presumption of innocence is a fundamental right based on the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. In practical terms, this means that the prosecutor must prove guilt while the defendant is not required to prove innocence. Evidence must support the charge that the defendant intentionally or negligently committed the offense. The judge or jury determines if the facts prove the prosecution’s case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The concept of reasonable doubt is one of the benchmarks of our legal system. Thinking the defendant ‘probably’ committed the crime or wanting or believing the defendant guilty is not enough for a conviction. However, the prosecutor does not have to prove his case beyond all doubt. The evidence needs to point to the logical conclusion that the person is guilty. Reasonable doubt is a common defense to a criminal charge. Experienced criminal defense lawyer in Woodland Hills CA are often able to turn a weak prosecution into a ‘reasonable doubt’ victory for their client.

Many cases begin with the admission that the defendant did commit the crime or act in question, but should be found not guilty. When self-defense becomes the defendant’s defense, it revolves around certain fundamental issues. We believe that people have the right to defend themselves from physical harm, but self-defense must be a reasonable justification. Was the defendant attacked or the attacker? If the defendant was attacked, was the forcible response by the defendant reasonable under the circumstances? A skilled legal defense protects everyone by defending every defendant’s constitutional rights.

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