You can collect menstrual fluid during your period using a reusable menstrual cup. Although they may seem difficult at first, using a menstrual cup to collect menstrual blood is a simple, secure, affordable, and ecologically responsible method. We provide some of the best tips on using a menstrual cup safely, comfortably, and successfully, so don’t be put off by a little piece of silicone.

Choose the Right Cup

This task could seem intimidating, given the wide range of sizes and designs available for menstruation cups. Look online for the best reusable menstrual cup. This will allow you to find out what possibilities are available to you. Many menstrual cup vendors provide several sizes for customers with varying ages and phases of life, varied menstrual flow volumes, or different anatomical structures.

Get the Cup Wet

When a reusable menstrual cup is moist, inserting it is simpler. For this reason, you might wish to wet the cup’s rim and the opening to your vagina with water or a water-based lubricant. Many women prefer learning how to use the cup while in the shower.

Listen for the Popping Noise

To prevent leaks, the cup must create a strong suction seal around the vaginal wall. The cup must ‘pop’ open after being inserted to create a seal. People typically feel and hear this pop, but some do miss it.

Gently trace your finger along the cup’s bottom to check the seal. It has most likely not burst open completely if it seems flat or crumpled in any one place. Try turning the cup 360 degrees while holding the base in your hands. If this doesn’t work, you will need to remove the cup and try inserting it again.