Ketamine is an anesthesia drug that was first synthesized in 1962, but this medication’s potential for treating difficult disorders has only recently been discovered. If you’re suffering from one of the following conditions in the Denver area, ask your doctor if ketamine therapy in Denver CO is right for you.


The intense headaches called migraines are notoriously difficult to treat, but ketamine infusions offer new hope for sufferers. Ketamine can treat a current migraine and reduce the number of headache days for chronic migraine patients. Researchers believe that ketamine may work by reducing the excitability of nerves that leads to migraines.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Everyone feels anxious at times, but some people have frequent episode of anxiety. Traditional anxiety medications come with many unpleasant side effects and may not be appropriate for long-term use. However, ketamine therapy can provide long-lasting results without the need to take medications every day.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that often perplexes doctors, but ketamine therapy shows promise as a new treatment for this mysterious condition. Ketamine is unique in that it offers fibromyalgia patients a combination of both fast-acting pain relief and a reduction of ongoing pain and disease flares.

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