You have been living in one of the world’s most expensive cities and are becoming overwhelmed by your expenses. The price for basic needs like groceries, utilities, and rent continues to rise with no end in sight. The struggle is definitely real. But, you do not have to go through life this way alone. There’s help.

Government Assistance Programs

You might have heard about government assistance programs that can help reduce your costs for basic necessities. But, did you know that there are also similar types of programs that can help you acquire a free cell phone? The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs are government assistance programs that offer free phones and services to help you stay connected with family, emergency services, and your employers. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Turning the Unbelievable, Believable

You are probably asking yourself, what’s the catch? There is no catch. You can be eligible for the programs previously mentioned, if you currently participate in a government assistance program like SNAP, TANF, and others. Another way to qualify is through income-based eligibility.

Where to Apply

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