Websites, just like all types of business marketing and advertising, can become dated and old. When this happens, businesses in Asheville, NC, may find their website traffic slows down, their conversions decrease, and their website drops down the search engine results page.

When to Upgrade

By working with website designers to upgrade your existing website, Asheville, NC, businesses can prevent this issue. There are some definite signs that a website needs to be upgraded.

These following issues are common on websites that are failing to attract new customers. Hiring professional website designers in Asheville, NC to address these issues and relaunch a newly redesigned website will give your business a significant boost in website traffic.

  • Responsive design – if your current business website is not using responsive design, it needs to be upgraded. Without this, searches on mobile devices will not display your website correctly.
  • Old images – old images or common stock images can drag your website down the search engine result pages. Upgrading to new images and a trendy layout will help capture the attention of visitors.
  • Slow to load – visitors will no longer wait for a page to load. Changing the page structure and the content will correct this issue.

The Problems with a Template

If you have an old do-it-yourself website created from a template, it is very likely that elements in that template are no longer functioning with new technology. Creating a unique, customized website for your business will update all technology and create a better end-user experience.