One of the best ways to protect your Jeep is with a Jeep JK steering stabilizer relocation kit. You can get the highest clearance relocation kit on the market. This high-quality kit is constructed with 3/16” steel, is laser cut, and has a CNC press brake formed for precision fitting. You mount it to the factory sway bar mount location directly under the frame. You can use it with your factory parts or upgrade to improve performance.

Why You Need It

People upgrade with a Jeep JK steering stabilizer relocation kit to control the feedback they feel through the steering wheel when they hit bumps on the road. If you drive your Jeep JK regularly and go off-road as well, you need a Jeep JK steering stabilizer relocation bracket kit. This way, you can tuck the stabilizer permanently out of the way to prevent it from being dented, bent, or punctured. Most people who want to upgrade their Jeeps start with the tires, but they don’t always realize that the larger tires can have a higher rotating mass. The rotating mass reacts differently to bumps, cracks, and rocks on the trail.

Benefits of the Relocation Kit

There are several benefits to using a Jeep JK steering stabilizer relocation kit. When you increase the size of your tires, you need the steering stabilizer relocation kit so that your Jeep can handle the bumps when you are off-road. It also keeps your tires where they need to be, and the bracket kit prevents it from being smashed. You will be less likely to damage your stabilizer, which is important if you want to keep your Jeep up and running.