When a loved one passes, you may feel overwhelmed by burial options. The cremation process has become more popular for families seeking a more affordable and ecologically responsible option. The process is also much quicker than a traditional burial, allowing your family to move forward at whatever pace is right for you.

Here is a timeline of what you can expect from the cremation process:


Just as you might expect from a traditional burial, your loved one’s body will be carefully and respectfully prepared for cremation. This typically involves cleaning the body and removing jewelry. Medical devices will also be removed at this time. These items will then be returned to your family where appropriate.

Next, the body will be dressed and placed into a specialized casket. This container will be made from wood or other combustible materials to make the cremation process faster and easier.


Cremation may sound like a frightening process, but modern cremation is very refined and predictable. A special oven called a retort is used to incinerate the body inside the specialized casket. This part of the process generally takes 1-3 hours. The process creates remains often referred to as “ashes” or “cremains” which can then be kept and stored or scattered by your family according to your individual wishes.

Transferal of Remains

Once your loved one’s body has been cremated, the remains will be cooled and prepared for transferal and storage. Any remaining bits of metal – such as dental fillings, medical implants, etc. – will be removed.

After this, the cremains will be moved into a sealed plastic bag. This can then be moved to an urn, or to another container provided by your family. The sealed bag will prevent spillage of remains and make storage easier for your family.

It’s OK if you do not have an urn picked out or ready at the time of cremation. Your provider will transfer the sealed bag to a secure, temporary container until you are ready to scatter or move them elsewhere.

Still have questions about cremation in Brownstown? Speak to your local provider about your family’s options. They can help you feel more secure in your choices and find the perfect burial or memorial solution for your loved one. To learn more contact Our Lady of Hope Cemetery today.