As the largest organ and your first line of defense between your internal self and the outside world, all your skin deserves to be pampered and treated right. You may think of a facial as being just for the face and maybe also for the neck. However, did you know that the various treatments used on the skin during a facial are also highly beneficial for other parts of the body? The next time you are in West Hollywood, CA, why not treat yourself to a relaxing body facial and soothe some of that stress away?

What Parts of the Body Can Get a Facial?

Besides the face, there are multiple other body parts that can get the facial treatment. The booty is one such example, as well as the back. The groin is another area that can benefit from a facial, particularly if you struggle with ingrown hair. These areas are often neglected since they are mostly covered up and usually have a lot of pressure put on them, especially if you have an office job.

What to Expect from a Body Facial in West Hollywood, CA

There are several steps in a body facial. Cleansing, steaming, and extractions will remove impurities. In many cases, exfoliation will also be done. A mask will be used, and then the area will be moisturized. This is one of the best ways to pamper yourself, especially as the weather gets warmer.