Farmhouse sinks are popular, even for people not living on a farm, but because of their weight, these sinks are sometimes a challenge to install. If you keep in mind that the supports you use must hold these sinks’ total weight, it’s much easier to learn how to install a farmhouse sink successfully. And when you think about the sinks’ weight, consider not just the weight of the bare sink but the weight of the sink plus anything else, such as water and dishes, that will likely go in it.

Always Pay Attention to the Directions

When you decide on a DIY sink install, measuring is a crucial step, just as paying attention to the instructions is important. If the instructions aren’t adhered to just as they are written, it can wreak havoc on the entire project. Installing one of these sinks requires shopping for the sink before you do anything else, but cutting out the space for the sink and installing the right supports are both equally important if you want the project to be a success in the end.

Popular for Many Reasons

Farmhouse sinks are incredibly popular—mostly because they are such large sinks—but also because they look great in anyone’s kitchen. The mere size of the sink makes learning how to install a farmhouse sink a challenge for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s best to read through all the instructions before getting started, then start with the first step so you don’t overlook or forget anything important.