When your roof is leaking or suffered some other type of damage to where it is not functioning as it should (such as leaking water or precipitation into your home), it is likely time for a roof replacement. Learn exactly what is involved with a roof replacement below.

Protection of Your Property

A good roof replacement company in Pasadena, TX should ensure that your property remains protected while the old roof is being removed and the new roof is being installed. A quality company will take special care to ensure the rest of your property is not damaged while the roof is replaced. This includes everything from your home’s siding and foundation to the plants, bushes, and grass on your property.

Removing the Old Roof

In most cases, the shingles of the old roof must be removed to inspect the wood decking. The wood decking needs to be inspected to ensure it is stable for the new roofing material. If there is rotted, wet, or soft wood, it should be replaced to ensure there is a solid base for the new roof material. If the base is not solid, the new shingles will likely not stay intact for long.

Additionally, a quality roofing company will re-nail the entire wood decking to ensure the new shingles and roof do not have bumps in them after a few weeks or months. Lower-quality roofing companies will skip this step, thereby causing you problems in the near future.

A quality roofing company will also add support to the wood decking, including drip edging, roofing felt, and roofing underlayment to prevent leaks.

Installing the New Roof

When the wood decking is secured and protected, the new roofing material is added and secured.