There is nothing more irritating to a car owner than a damaged or chipped windshield. A common mindset amongst many people is that once a windshield has been damaged, the only solution is its complete replacement, accompanied by the insurance company’s refusal to cover the entire job. In Meridian ID, one is required to immediately get in touch with the insurance company before the commencement of the replacement. This is because auto glass replacement in Meridian ID is covered by the insurance provider.

Make a point of explaining to the company how the glass got damaged or why the replacement is necessary. Most insurers require one to use the services of a given auto repair and replacement company to get the estimates that will form the basis of the replacement procedure.

After a successful discussion with the insurance company, the next thing is to embark on the replacement job. Due to the complicated nature of the work, it might take up to a week to complete the whole process. A new windshield has to be ordered regarding the type of vehicle to be worked on. When the order arrives, the old glass is carefully removed from the car. This is followed by the cleaning of the seals. In some cases, the seals might be completely replaced with new ones if found to be ineffective.

The new glass is then mounted and enough time is given for the adhesive to dry. The curing process might take a couple of hours or, in other cases, the entire day. After drying, the newly installed glass must be assessed and certified by an expert who authorizes the car owner to drive away.

It should be noted that DIY replacement procedures done at home are not covered by the insurance company. As such, any further damage will not be catered for. Personal replacement might seem like a cheaper option, but they are always costly at the end of it all.

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