If you enjoy living the high life, a luxury condo may be the perfect fit. However, you also need to find the right location, such as Palm Beach Shores.

Here are some of the advantages of luxury condos in Palm Beach Shores.

Beautiful Views and Weather

The Palm Beach Shores area includes gorgeous scenery. You’re never far from the beach and the ocean, which provides a beautiful backdrop for the large homes and condos found in the region.

The weather is also great during a large portion of the year. The fall and winter are mild, while the summer brings more crowds and hotter temperatures.

Access to Downtown West Palm Beach

Many luxury condos are a short distance from downtown West Palm Beach. For example, Pearl Palm Beach Shores has luxury units just a few blocks from Sailfish Marina. The rest of Palm Beach is never far.

You can head over to The Square for a day of shopping or visit one of the many museums or galleries in the area. Other highlights include the nearby zoo and the wide range of restaurants and boutique stores that line the beachfront shopping districts.

Beaches and Marinas Are Nearby

Luxury condos in the Palm Beach Shores area place you within walking distance of several beaches and a couple of marinas. You can relax on the beach just about whenever you want. If you have a boat, you can easily reach it from the marina.

Luxurious, Spacious Residences

One of the final reasons to choose luxury condos in Palm Beach Shores is the size of the units. Many of the condos in the area provide large living areas and bedrooms.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider focusing your search for a luxury condo in the Palm Beach Shores area.