A swim spa is larger than a hot tub and smaller than a conventional swimming pool. They produce a current, so you can swim in place or do aquatic exercises with some resistance. You can also put on the water jets and relax like you would in a traditional spa. Swim Spas in Bradenton FL can be installed outside or inside, depending on your preference and the space you have available. Spa covers can be purchased as an accessory, so it will be clean and protected outside. Athletes use them for training purposes all year around.

They are great for regular exercise to keep fit, lose weight, or maintain proper circulation. Therapeutic uses include stress relief, increase range of motion, relieve chronic back pain or recover from an injury. Swim Spas in Bradenton FL are available in different sizes with different features. Some are designed for one or two people to use at once, and some are large enough for a family to use all together. The current has several speed options, and you can adjust the water temperature. Some high-end models include an underwater treadmill feature on the bottom of the spa.

There are several models of swim spas available, so you can find one to suit your needs. They can be expensive, and are an investment for your home or yard. Putting in a swim spa will increase your property value. If you consider all the expense of a regular pool, plus a family gym membership, or home exercise equipment, a swim spa may even save you money. Leisure spas, go spas, and fitness spas are also available in several sizes and models.

There are showrooms and stores that sell swim spas, such as Swim Spa Factory 2, for example. You can also purchase them online directly from manufacturers. Many forms of exercise will help you lose weight, increase your circulation, and relieve pain and stress. The advantage of a swim spa is that, when you are done with the exercising, you can lean back and relax with warm water jets to soothe your muscles. Visit Swim Spa Factory 2 for more information.