If you are going off to college and are considering living in one of the dormitories on campus, then you might want to reconsider that notion. In fact, many alumni swear by living in three-bedroom apartments in Charlottesville. There are many reasons why this is so.

Stay All Year

When you live in a dorm room, you have to leave when school is not in session, such as in the summer or during many holidays. This can be terribly inconvenient if you do not have family or friends in the area and even more so if you have a job that you have to work. However, this is not a concern for those living in an off-campus apartment. They can stay all year long and only need to move if they choose not to sign a lease.

More Space

One of the biggest complaints about dorm rooms is that they are so small. There is virtually no room to spread out, and you can forget about any sort of privacy. By renting your own student apartment, you have your own room, and you have all of the privacy that you want.


Believe it or not, renting three-bedroom apartments in Charlottesville is actually cheaper than paying room and board in a college dormitory. This is even more true when you have roommates to split the rent with.

If you want your own place to live while you attend school, please contact Lark on Main at https://larkonmain.com/, and they can show you what properties are available.