In interior design, window treatments are always overlooked. Many need help understanding the benefits of choosing the best window treatments. With custom window treatments in Seattle, we provide professional guidance that ensures you select a window treatment that serves your purpose. Whether you want help with privacy, light control, or just safety with style for your family, we give you what you need.


Blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering your house. They are usually made of high-quality materials, with the best material choices, including aluminum, wood, and faux wood. They also offer installation services.


The custom shades are of different colors, fabrics, and patterns to ensure they best serve your needs. They include solar, blackout, Roman, cellular, layered, sheer, and motorized shades.


Install the window shutters for the best privacy and safety in your home. The window shutters come in custom vinyl and custom wood. They offer different levels of sunlight protection, privacy, security, and noise control.

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

Here are reasons why custom window treatments in Seattle are the best choice for your home.

Accurate Window Measurement

The disadvantage of ordering blinds and curtains from your local retail store is that they may not fit your window, forcing you to adjust. However, when you choose from your well-known store, whether your order was a bit off or not, they will customize the window treatments and ensure they meet your exact requirements.

Professional Installation and Assistance

Unlike other stores and online companies, custom window treatment organizations always include professional installation in their service packages. After ensuring that their team of experts successfully installs your window treatment, they provide follow-up maintenance, which is performed and supervised.

Stylish Home Aesthetic

If you have something for interior design, you may already have a specific style you want to fit in your home. However, by purchasing from local retailers and stores, you may need help finding your desired style.

Greater Functionality

Purchasing custom window treatments in Seattle provides you with a personalization feature. It means you have more control over automation, blackout, or your window treatments’ UV light protection features.

How Custom Window Treatments Provide Safety

Installing custom window treatments is important to ensure physical and psychological safety at home. These treatments provide a physical barrier that prevents intruders from looking inside your room. They also make it harder for the intruder to break the glass with the extra layer of materials that will absorb the impact. They are also a significant obstacle that is harder to cut through, making your home more secure. They are made from heavy materials that can serve you for a long time and withstand any attempts at break-ins.
Find the Best Window Treatments for Your Home

If you are on a tight budget, custom window treatments are what to go for. At Freedom Shades and Blinds, we ensure you choose the best treatment and eliminate your doubts, measurements, and installation process.