Upgrading your suspension system with high-quality control arms will not only improve your off-roading capability but also your overall driving experience. But before you dive into the world of aftermarket suspension upgrades, it’s essential to know how to find the right Jeep JK adjustable control arms that will work perfectly for your vehicle. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about adjustable control arms and how to choose the right ones.

Know Your Goals and Driving Style

Before selecting a set of Jeep JK adjustable control arms, you need to identify your driving style and goals. Are you a rock-crawler or a trail explorer? If you’re a rock-crawler, you’ll need more robust and durable control arms to handle the extreme terrain, while trail explorers may require more adjustable control arms for softer ride quality.

Consider the Construction and Materials

When you’re looking for an adjustable control arm, you should examine the construction and materials used in their construction. Control arms come in different variations, including aluminum, steel, and chromoly, among others. Aluminum is usually lighter and more durable than steel, while chromoly is a stronger material that can handle harsh terrain. Ensure that the material used matches the kind of driving you’re planning to do.

Know the Type of Control Arms Required

There are two main types of adjustable control arms: upper and lower control arms, located at the front and rear of the vehicle. Upper control arms are used in vehicles with a coil suspension, while Jeep JK adjustable front lower control arms work best in the vehicles with a leaf spring suspension system. Understanding which type of control arm you need is essential in selecting a suitable set of adjustable control arms.