Emergency dentists focus on concepts such as pain management, evaluation of the damage, and effective strategies to eliminate the possibility of tooth loss or gum damage. The first sign of an emergency dental situation is significant pain. Wisdom tooth eruptions and infections are common conditions and can be dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a high volume of pain, you should contact a dentist near your location in Vancouver, WA.

Pain Management for Dental Conditions

Accidents in which damage is sustained, like sudden breaks, chips, or fractures in the teeth, can lead to significant pain for dental patients. When these accidents occur, an infection is a possibility, depending on the nature of the accident and how long the patient waits to seek assistance from their dentist. If at any time you sustain an injury that affects your teeth or gums, you should contact your emergency dentist in Vancouver, WA. In most cases, it is likely that you can acquire these services after the dental practice closes for the day.

Assessing the Need for Dental Assistance

The dentist will review the condition of your teeth during an emergency to determine which treatments are most effective for them. They can correct breaks quickly with a resin-based composite in their office. However, if the break is complex, the dentist may need to correct the condition by installing a dental device. In severe cases, this could imply the need for implants or crowns. The emergency dentist in Vancouver, WA, will assess the damage and present you with the most effective option.

Do You Need Surgery?

Severe injuries may require surgery. An emergency dentist in Vancouver, WA, provides you with surgery if you are in severe pain. Patients who are involved in severe accidents in which their jaw is broken, or teeth are dislodged will need their dentists to perform the necessary surgery to correct these conditions and eliminate the pain.

Emergency dental services include a series of treatments to manage pain and prevent tooth loss. If you dislodge Dental Implants during an accident, your dentist can take the necessary measures to reinstall or replace these dental devices. If you wish to learn more about these services, you should contact Today’s Dentistry in Vancouver, WA, to schedule an appointment.