Have you been operating a cannabis retail store and are now ready to level up your business by becoming a regional supplier of high-quality cannabis-based products and services? If so, then you have probably found that you will need a separate facility to concoct these types of delicious delights. But, where do you start?

Not Just the Standard Greenhouse

Your cannabis growing facility will need careful planning and your keen attention to detail to help ensure your plants and business needs are met. Whether you have decided to have the facility built at the same location as your retail store or off-site, you will need to first choose your setup. Will you be growing cannabis indoors, outdoors, or a little bit of both (hybrid)?

Decisions, Choices, and Options

Deciding between the above-mentioned options will help you begin your journey toward meeting your budget while helping ensure you are provided with an avenue to future-proof your facility. This also includes designing a facility with security in mind, as cannabis business owners and growers are often exposed to risks of theft and other related crimes. When designing the layout of your facility, pay close attention to the placement of access points.

The Cannabis Facility Construction Specialists

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