In Illinois, assault and battery are separate infractions for which you receive two sentences if convicted. Under Illinois law, battery charges require physical contact, but defendants face an assault charge through verbal threats.

Understanding the differences and penalties prepares you for your assault and battery case. Answering the question, “What are assault and battery penalties in Illinois,” helps correct misunderstandings of the law.

Assault Charges in Illinois

The threat of physical violence against another party falls under the assault category. If another person fears for their life or bodily harm, you could receive an assault charge. However, physical assaults fall under this classification, too. A conviction for simple assault is 30 days in jail, a fine of $1,500, and up to 120 hours of community service.

Aggravated assault applies when the victim is elderly, disabled, a teacher, a utility worker, or a police officer. What makes the charge aggravated assault is the use of a deadly weapon. Penalties for aggravated assault are 364 days in jail and a $2,500 fine. If your crime is classified as a Class A misdemeanor, you could get up to 24 months probation if you don’t have a previous conviction.

When exploring the question, “What are assault and battery penalties in Illinois?,” you learn that sentences reflect additional circumstances involved in the crime. Discussing your case with an assault & battery lawyer in Mount Prospect helps you build a defense.

Understanding Battery in IL

Unlike assault, battery is physical contact or harm against another person. The infraction doesn’t involve lesser crimes such as verbal threats. Simple battery convictions require up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine. The victim’s injuries and classifications, such as hate crimes, increase penalties.

Facing assault and battery charges leads to hefty penalties if convicted. An attorney could help you build a defense according to the circumstances of the crime. Contact Villadonga & Villadonga Attorneys at Law to hire an assault & battery lawyer in Mount Prospect.