Finding pet-friendly apartments in Virginia Beach is not as easy as it sounds. Many co-ops and apartment complexes have restrictions on what pets residents can own and sometimes ban pets altogether. This affects tenants and people in rental apartments the most, but some even restrict which pets people can have when buying apartments.

This guide can help you figure out where to move so that your beloved pet can come with you.

Look at Building Websites

Nowadays, most co-ops, condominiums, and apartment complexes have websites for their developments. On the website, they will outline basic facts about their apartments, including policies prospective tenants should know about, such as pet policies. Since apartment boards know pet-friendly apartments in Virginia Beach are in demand now, they will usually list their pet policy up front.

Basic research can help you narrow down which buildings to look at when searching for apartments.

Look for Hidden Catches

Some places that advertise themselves as pet-friendly aren’t that pet-friendly once you dig into the details. Buildings often restrict breeds or sizes of animals that can live in their apartments, or only allow certain types of pets such as cats but not dogs. Make sure that an apartment that touts itself as pet-friendly will actually allow your beloved friend.

For example, Boyd Homes complexes allow dogs and cats with no breed or weight restrictions.

Keep in mind that even pet-friendly apartments will have different rules, such as limits on how many pets you can have, additional pet rent, and requirements to submit veterinary records. These are for the safety of the building and other residents.

By researching carefully, you can find plenty of pet-friendly apartments in Virginia Beach.