Wisconsin is a favorite amongst wedding planners for its green landscapes and legendary scenery. When searching for a fantastic choice for noteworthy wedding venues, golf courses in WI stand out as a top pick. If you’re hoping to book golf courses for weddings in WI, keep the following tips in mind.

Secure the Dream Date

Fontana golf courses are an ideal space for weddings, making them extremely popular for couples’ venue picks. If you’re booking during warmer months like spring, summer, and fall, you’ll find yourself fighting an uphill battle to secure a date.

Make sure you have a chance to book your preferred date ahead of time. Experts recommend beginning the venue search 12-18 months before you plan to say, “I Do.”

Understand the Costs

Fontana golf courses, with their beautiful natural greenery and well-maintained facilities, can be costly to rent for weddings. Couples would do well to be clear about all the costs involved. Whether you’re hoping to save money or you have a healthy budget, keep in mind that many venues offer clients wedding packages that cover vendors, catering, and decor.

Explore the Amenities

Don’t book your venue without inquiring about the amenities. Golf courses typically offer various amenities like dressing rooms, valet, and decor. Explore what each venue has to offer to make sure all your needs are met before the big day arrives.

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