When looking for college housing, you will have to choose between living in an on-campus dorm or a student apartment. While on-campus dorms have several advantages, staying in a student apartment is the best. Keep reading to learn why most students prefer student apartments.

1. More Privacy

On-campus dormitory rooms are meant to accommodate many students, making them less private. On the other hand, student apartments in Columbia, SC, provide more privacy since students can decide to live alone. Having a space of your own will enhance your independence and campus experience.

2. Personalized Amenities

Unlike on-campus dorms, student apartments in Columbia, SC, come with incredible amenities. Most apartments have fitness centers, study areas, clubhouses, swimming pools, and other amenities tailored to meet student needs. These amenities enable students to engage in many fun activities other than studying.

3. Close Access to Campus

Most student apartments in Columbia, SC, are situated a stone’s throw away from campus, allowing students to access college quickly. Student apartments situated far away from school often provide transportation services to ferry students to and from campus.

4. Fewer Restrictions

On-campus dorms usually have many restrictions, which can result in less freedom. Conversely, student apartments have fewer restrictions. This allows you to do anything you want, provided it is legal and does not interfere with other students.

Live in a Student Apartments

Redpoint Columbia is a state-of-the-art student apartment near the University of South Carolina. Apart from being close to the campus, the apartment features spacious rooms and lots of amenities. Contact Redpoint Columbia now at redpoint-columbia.com to book a room.