Whether you have concrete surfaces on your residential or commercial property, keeping up with routine maintenance is important. While concrete can last longer than many other materials, it still requires consistent maintenance. Working with a contractor that provides concrete services in Hayden, ID and knowing how to care for this material on your own will help you extend the lifetime of any concrete surface.

Know How to Avoid Winter Damage

Winter conditions are especially hard on concrete. Avoid pouring caustic substances, such as rock salt, on your concrete walkways and driveway in the winter. Instead, use sand for better traction. In addition, use snowblowers cautiously. The blades on a snowblower can damage concrete, and you’ll probably have to replace the surface by the time spring arrives.

Watch for Sinking or Lifting

As soil gets wet and absorbs moisture, it expands. This process puts pressure on the concrete, causing it to shift, sink, or lift. If you don’t address this problem, you might develop drainage issues around your home or business. In some cases, uneven concrete can be repaired, but the most effective solution is to replace the concrete altogether.

Know When to Seal Your Concrete

Even after your contractor finishes the installation, you’ll still need to use their concrete services in Hayden, ID. Every two years, you should ask your contractor to reseal your concrete surfaces. This will restore the sealant after time and weather conditions have eroded that protective layer.

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