Tree mulching is a popular method for dealing with yard waste in Sandpoint, Idaho. It provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to burning or sending extra branches and tree trimmings to the landfill. Here is a closer look at the mulching process and equipment of a tree mulcher in Sandpoint, ID.

The Equipment

A tree mulcher in Sandpoint, ID is basically an industrial sized wood chipper. These powerful machines can mulch entire trees into fine woodchips very quickly. The most common type used locally is a drum style chipper.

It features a large rotating cylindrical drum with embedded sharp blades. Branches and logs are fed directly into the mouth of the drum where the high-speed blades rapidly spin and shred the wood material.

Mulching in Action

After collecting tree trimmings from yard cleanups, landscaping projects, or storm damage clean up, the material is loaded onto a trailer or directly into the feeding area of the chipper. Larger logs need to be cut down to fit.

Then the engine is started and material is fed into the drum one piece at a time. It only takes seconds for each piece to be broken down into uniform woodchips. The process sends chips shooting out the other end at a rapid pace to be collected.

End Products

The woodchips produced from tree mulching come in various sizes depending on the settings of the blades. Finer chips are best for decorative landscaping under plants or around trees. Coarser chips work well as pathways or play areas.

Many homeowners and landscapers spread the fresh mulch around yards and gardens for its useful properties as a soil amendment and weed deterrent. The chips also provide valuable ground cover to retain moisture and insulate plant roots.

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