“Buy land; they aren’t making any more of it.” ~ Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s infamous financial advice still rings true today. The majority of realtors and real estate firms place most of the value of a property on the house. However, the land itself is quite valuable. Learn why you should look into new land for sale near Spokane, WA.


Spokane, WA is a moderately-sized city with a population of more than 229,000. Located near the border of Washington and northern Idaho, it’s the largest city for more than 200 miles in any direction. A short drive out of the city of Spokane will take you away from the stress of the city and into the vast woodlands of the Pacific Northwest.

There is plenty of new land for sale near Spokane, WA that provides you with acres of land with no neighbors in sight. You’ll have complete privacy with no noisy and nosy neighbors. Yet, there’s plenty of space for who you do invite to visit.

Natural Beauty

The woods of the Pacific Northwest are largely untouched. There’s a sense of nature that it’s difficult to achieve in more densely populated areas of the country. The government owns 28.6% of the forests, which are considered public land. The rest of the untouched space is up for grabs.

Do What You Want with Your Land

When you buy land without a house, you aren’t burdened by societal expectations of what a household should look like.

You have complete control over how you want to use your land and where you want to place shelters, walkways, landscaping, and more. You can live off-grid on the land in a tiny house or build a mansion. You can even use the land for agriculture or camping trips.

Ready to own a piece of nature? Visit the Northwest Lands website at Nwlands.com to see the current available listings, including acres and pricing.