Grandparents do not have any specified “rights” to their grandchildren under Illinois law. Still, grandparents that want to be in their grandchildren’s lives may petition the court if they can prove that a parent is preventing the grandparents from seeing the kids or that the parent is unfit. It is a very difficult case to navigate, and you will need Lisle family lawyers to argue this for you.

What Grandparents Can Do

It’s not an easy thing to be denied when you want to see your grandchildren. However, the recourse in court can make things even harder for you and the kids, particularly if you attempt to prove that their parents or parents are unfit.

To do that, you have to show that your grandchildren are in imminent danger from their parents, or that their living conditions are horrifying. That’s not something you really want to do because it can cause a lot of long-term emotional damage and strain or break relationships you might have otherwise repaired. A different recourse is to petition the court for the right to see the kids, although this is almost as hard to achieve.

Petitioning the Court to See the Kids

It’s heartbreaking to see parents refuse to allow their children time with their grandparents. Lisle family lawyers can argue that it is in the children’s best interests to see you, but ultimately it is up to the judge to decide that. If you still want to proceed with this type of family law case, contact Covert Marrero Covert LLP.