Custom precision machining is an important machinery technique that uses computer systems to program and automate manufacturing. The result is items that fit exact specifications, important in situations where precision is important. You may be wondering, which industries need such precise materials? There are actually many industries where this precise manufacturing technique has revolutionized work.


The electronics industry is one of the primary consumers of custom precision machining. As electronics technology advances, gadgets such as phones and laptops are getting smaller and smaller. That means that the parts making up these gadgets need to be more precise. Precision parts can be made by CNC machining.

Manufacturing consumer electronics is not the only application of precision machining in this industry. Electronics are important components of other manufactured items, including vehicles and airplanes.

Medical Equipment

Thanks to advances in medical technology, medical equipment is becoming more and more advanced. Electronic machinery used for diagnostics and treatment, such as MRI machines, often require precise machining to function.

The medical industry is one industry where custom precision machining is important. For patients that need wearable medical equipment, such as heart monitors or orthotic devices, they often need to be tailored to precise specifications.


The military is one of the primary adaptors of CNC technology. This type of machining allows the military to develop more advanced prototypes of everything from airplanes to underwater sensors, and build important communications and infrastructure that it needs to conduct its operations on land, under the sea, and by air.