The exercise and community of playing a sport are beneficial to good health for people of all ages. Although sports are beneficial for good health, they come with some dangers, including the risk of injury. An injury will leave people questioning what are the different treatment options for sports injuries. Responding correctly will limit downtime away from a favorite sport and limit the risk of long-term injuries.

The Different Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries take many forms, with the adequate response needed to combat lasting effects. Among the commonly seen injuries in sports are bruises, cuts, and sprains. Many of these sporting injuries can be treated at home. The RICE method is a well-known option for addressing injuries without medical assistance. RICE is an acronym for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Sports injuries requiring medical assistance include dental injuries, stress fractures, and concussions.

Diagnosis and Treatments

While some injuries can be treated at home, others require medical treatment. A medical professional will perform a physical exam and question the patient about their symptoms. Depending on the injury, the healthcare professional will recommend tests, including X-ray, MRI, and CT scans. Sports injury treatment in Cincinnati, OH, includes immobilization using a cast or boot. Other treatment options include injections to reduce swelling and pain, with physical therapy and surgery among the possible options.

After a patient understands what are the different treatment options for sports injuries, it is easier to make informed decisions. To learn more about sports injury treatment in Cincinnati, OH, contact QC Kinetix (Eastgate). View Testimonials.