Jun is a fermented tea drink that is similar to kombucha. However, Jun is made using a mixture of green tea and honey, while kombucha is normally made with black tea and cane sugar. Both are packed with a ton of flavor, but Jun is said to be more crisp. The exact origins of Jun are a little bit of a mystery, and records of the drink go back hundreds of years. Jun fermented drinks are a tried and true recipe that is now available throughout Asheville, NC.

Some Benefits Of June

The active cultures in the production of Jun help create a drink that is packed with a ton of health boosters. Aiding in digestion, Jun is the perfect drink to start off the day on a productive note. The drink has also been shown to help increase your energy. Winter will soon be upon us, and Jun tea also aids in boosting our immunity. There are many places you can find Jun fermented drinks right in Asheville, NC.

Conveniently Located and available

Jun fermented drinks are available in only the best stores in Asheville, NC. Locations offer a wide selection of flavors to choose from. You can also search online to browse different catalogs. Wholesale is another option for those who own their businesses. Helping to diversify your menu while attracting new clients. There are so many reasons to at least try Jun fermented drinks. Jun is now easily accessible and in stores across Asheville for your convenience.