Most people spend some time deciding to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. But that initial decision is where the fun really starts. Once you’ve decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro it’s time to decide how you’ll go about the process. People often discuss the endeavor in fairly simple and objective terms. They’ll simply talk about it as a climb or hike. But a true trek to climb Kilimanjaro encompasses the mountain, the surrounding area of Tanzania, and the particulars of the path chosen to get there.

For example, think about just how huge the base of the mountain is. There are entirely divergent ecosystems around it. Both in terms of nature and the social ecosystems amid fellow adventurers. It’s best to begin by considering your athletic prowess in order to choose between easier or more difficult routes. And this too leads to how you’ll engage with the social element.

Do you want to share the experience with as many people as possible? Then going with the easier trails is generally the best option. The easier the trail the more people you’ll encounter along the way. Likewise, the more friends and family who might want to share the experience. But the more difficult trails offer more personal challenges. And they also provide more opportunities to commune with the area’s sheer beauty. Finally, you might imagine that you’d have to choose a specific time of the year. But the climb is generally possible any time you feel ready to venture out to meet it.