Sports-Related Back Pain: How Common Is It?

It’s not uncommon to injure the back when playing sports. It happens when the spine absorbs a lot of pressure and strain during movement. Twisting and turning strains the back, which results in back injury.

What Are The Three Major Causes of Sports-Related Back Injuries?

The most common causes of sports-related back injuries are extreme force, direct impact, and overuse of back muscles during movement. Lack of exercise and poor posture contribute to many back injuries during play. High-contact sports like football are one of the leading causes of mild to moderate back sprains in athletes.

Common Treatment Strategies for Sports-Related Back Pain

Back pain treatment in Fall River, MA offers many options that target stingers and other mild injuries. The medical team at QC Kinetix uses a non-traditional, non-invasive technique known as regenerative medicine, a holistic approach that helps restore old tissue without surgery. The main purpose is to repair tissue that’s damaged from overuse and aging. Doctors apply techniques in tissue engineering and scaffold repair where tissues from other organs are injected. The idea is to harness the body’s natural healing abilities for a speedy recovery.

How to Prepare For The First Appointment

To prepare for an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, a client should arrive early, bring an ID and an insurance card, and a complete copy of their medical records. A list of all medications and side effects is advised. Clients who were injured at work will need a copy of their claim number for workman’s compensation.

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