When you hire a company to do furnace repair of your unit in Wall Township, NJ and elsewhere, you should have a good idea of the company’s procedure they will use in order to provide that furnace repair. Learn more about the procedure most HVAC companies use to repair furnaces below.

Your Unit Will Be Thoroughly Inspected

When the company’s technician arrives at your home, they will perform a thorough and complete inspection of your current unit in order to determine the exact issue or issues it is having and how to best go about providing the proper furnace repair in Wall Township, NJ in order to resolve that issue or issues. The technician will look at the duct system for blockages, rust, corrosion, and any other damage that can keep your unit from pumping out the warm air you are expecting.

What Comes Next?

The technician will add lubricant to the furnace’s mechanical parts so as to reduce the amount of friction and stress the unit experiences while operating. Enduring less strain and friction should enable the unit to operate more easily in providing warm air, as well as last for a longer period of time without issue.

A quality technician will also inspect the pilot light and gas pressure to ensure they are functioning normally; if they are not, the unit will not provide the warm air that is expected and could even potentially cause a dangerous situation where your home could explode from the wrong amount of gas pressure.

Other steps the technician may take include cleaning the blower wheel and burners to help reduce strain on the furnace unit. They may also replace the filter within the unit so that the air being brought into the home is of better quality.