Anyone dealing with back problems can attest to its sensitivity. The back, and especially the spine, is extremely sensitive. That property makes it hard to deal with the pain of a spinal or back injury. But at the same time, the sensitivity also makes treatment more difficult. Invasive procedures for back and spinal injuries are among the more challenging for surgeons. And on top of that, recovery is a slower and more painful process than similar procedures for different parts of the body.

Medications are the most common alternative for back and spinal issues. But they also have some serious drawbacks. The most significant issue is the simple fact that people eventually develop a tolerance for painkillers. Relief doesn’t just wear off as the medications do. Every day they become a little less effective.

However, there is one more option. A decompression therapy chiropractor in San Diego, CA can work on your back and spine without invasive procedures. Machines like the DRX9000 use digital traction to create precise treatment options. A skilled decompression therapy chiropractor in San Diego, CA can use those advanced tools to relieve pressure from discs and nerves in your back without ever needing to resort to surgery. This treatment option can apply to a wide variety of different issues. These include herniated and bulging discs sciatica and more. The treatment options are impressive, but what matters are the results. Namely, the fact that the treatments aim to fix the problem rather than just the symptoms.