One of the best ways to improve your scholarship process is to use a scholarship management system. This type of system helps you gain efficiencies while increasing capacity and saving money and resources. With improved organization of all of the files associated with each applicant, you can streamline communications and work with your team to seamlessly review applications.

Customizable Applications

When you use a scholarship management system, you gain a powerful tool that streamlines and simplifies the entire application process for all parties. The best systems require nothing more than a web-enabled device and an Internet browser, and they can be used just about anywhere in the world. You can customize the applications to collect the data you need for your funding decisions and reporting to your stakeholders. This type of software is user friendly. You can choose your own application questions, allow document attachments, and provide post funding reporting with this type of system.

Simplified Review Process and More

A scholarship management system simplifies the review process. Once the application is received, the decision team can start reviewing. You have the ability to use custom scoring criteria, make voting recommendations and allocation recommendations, write private notes, and more. The system has powerful administrative tools, including workflow dashboards, application comparison features, weighted scoring comparisons, and custom email notification templates. You can export data in different formats, and you can track invoices and payments. You will also be able to save reports and can have unlimited users on your team.