Preparing your condo for its time in the sun before the camera even comes out is important. One of the best tips out there to prepare condos for sale in West Chelsea, NY, is to depersonalize it. This means getting rid of personal items, extra furniture, and any decorations that aren’t needed. Keeping the space clean and basic will show off your condo’s best features and make it easy for people from other cities to picture themselves living there.


Lighting is very important in photos and dramatically affects how people see your condo. To get the best pictures of condos for sale in West Chelsea, NY, it is suggested that you use natural light as much as possible and plan your shooting for the golden hour. This method creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, essential for making an excellent first impression.

Highlight Details

Find the unique things about your condo at The Cortland NYC and pay attention to them, such as city skyline views, modern kitchens, or cozy corners. These features should be the focus of your pictures because they make your home stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Quality Equipment

It is very important to hire a skilled photographer with good gear. Smartphones can take pretty good pictures, but DSLR or mirrorless cameras give you more power to make clear and detailed pictures. Professional photography is essential for selling condos well and ensuring they get the attention of people who might want to buy them.