In some cases, it may be immediately obvious why you need to hire roofing replacement services in Asheville NC, but some reasons may be more difficult to spot – such as storm damage that may not reveal itself for weeks (or even years). Sometimes a new roof may be required for reasons other than damage, but it is always a big decision to get a new roof.

There are many things to look out for to work out if you need a new roof.

What to watch for

Shingling that is broken, missing or has tears is an indication that you might need a new roof, as is any shingles that may be curled or cupped on the edges.

Other warning signs to look for include thick moss or mold growing over large areas on the roof, shingles that have lost a lot of their granular coating and become “bald”, the roof sheathing being soft and rotten, and leaks.

Using roofing replacement services in Asheville NC to replace or install a roof is a large investment for homeowners. However, roofing also has a big impact on home value, appearance, and the overall functionality of a home.

If you rent out a home, are thinking of moving or your roof is over two decades old it may be a good idea to check for damage via a roof inspection. This would be the first step in determining if a roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

It is crucial to replace your roof at the right time to avoid more problems and a higher cost.