Scheduling an eye exam in Murrieta, CA is the best thing you can do for yourself in the coming year. Although you may think your eye exam in Murrieta, CA is not as important as other medical appointments, this is incorrect. Your eye exam can not only let a doctor ascertain how your eyesight is progressing, but also look for any possible diseases of the eye. Putting off that eye exam does not mean you will necessarily need prescription glasses or contact lenses, just let a doctor test your eyes. If at that time the doctor discovers that you do need prescription glasses, you will be able to find frames of every variety to complement your fashion sense.

In the office you can see their large collection of designer frames from many of today’s most popular international designers. Photographs of these frames for men, women and children are available on their web pages. Seeing how stylish one can look in glasses is enough to put the notion of wearing glasses as less than desirable to rest forever. You can order any of these frames with a prescription from an exam held at their offices or with an existing prescription you have from another doctor. There are frames to work well with every type of prescription including those for nearsightedness, farsightedness or bifocal lenses. If you are unsure which pair of frames can work well for you, an eye wear consultation can easily be scheduled with one of their optical team professionals.

Contact lenses are also available and can be ordered to match your prescription. This one stop shop for eyes accepts most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Financial plans are also possible for those who have no insurance but need the gift of sight. Temecula Eye Center Optometry believes that nothing should stand between a patient and the useful wellbeing of their eyesight. Follow them on Facebook for more uodates.