Industrial gear oils are important in promoting the proper functioning of gears used on different industrial machines. They are specially formulated lubricants that give gears in heavy-duty equipment, such as manufacturing, mining, or construction machines, the necessary protection and maintenance.

What is Industrial Gear Oil?

Industrial gear oils are special lubricants formulated to protect gear in industrial manufacturing and equipment. They may be formulated with mineral or synthetic base fluids, typically of high viscosity. The additives are designed to impart extreme pressure and anti-scuff properties, wear resistance, corrosion protection, and oxidation stability in extreme operating conditions.

Importance in Industrial Applications

Lack of proper lubrication can cause premature wear and tear in the gears used on industrial machinery. Gear oils used in the industrial sector are critical for lubricating and protecting gears, minimizing wear and tear, preventing overheating of components, and preventing equipment failure. They also contribute to the minimization of energy consumption and maintenance costs, prolongation of the rather expensive life span of industrial equipment, and improvement of performance parameters that, in turn, increase productivity with savings.

Specialized Expertise

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