A couples counselor in Newport Beach, CA can help two individuals who are divorcing and want to improve their relationship for co-parenting purposes. They may be certain they no longer want to be married but realize that their behavior toward each other is having a negative effect on their youngsters. Counseling can guide them toward a peaceful and cooperative arrangement that works well for everyone.

Avoiding Conflict

Sharing physical custody evenly often results in frequent interactions between parents. Even when the agreement involves one person having primary physical custody and the other visitation, the parents still want to discuss various aspects of the children’s lives without excessive conflict. A couples counselor in Newport Beach, CA helps the clients practice effective and empathetic communication skills.

Family Sessions

If the counselor feels that bringing the kids in for family sessions would be advisable, the parents may want to consider this. The children could appreciate the chance to talk with an objective individual and express their concerns. Parents may not always recognize the emotional challenges their children experience during and after divorce.

Attending Events

When the two adults learn how to cooperate and get along better, they can both attend extracurricular events the kids participate in without worrying about arguments. In some cases, this is one of the more difficult scenarios. Yet the two may need to spend hours together in the same location if they want to see a youngster’s sports games, theater plays or music concerts.

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