What options do you have when you need to lift heavy loads in small spaces? Small shop cranes could help, but they are cumbersome and need to get more height. Hand chain hoists from Ohio manufacturers are a much better option and have many uses.

Hang from the Ceiling, Slide Along a Track

Hand chain hoists from Ohio manufacturers are fixed to a track overhead to the warehouse or shop’s low ceilings. They are a chain and pulley system on a hook. The hook connects to another hook on a track slide, and the chains are manually controlled from below. They are a cost-effective alternative to gantry and shop cranes, requiring no electricity to operate.

Different Types of Ohio Businesses That Can Use These Hoists

There are lots of different businesses that can benefit from hand chain hoists. You can use them in automotive shops, warehouses with low ceilings, and in manufacturing, where you need to transfer loads over short distances without elevating them too high. You can also use them in lumber mills and paper mills. Because there’s low to no risk of personal injury with manual chain hoists, you and your employees will be safe using them.

Cost of Use

Because they are manually operated, you only pay for the hoists and whatever you intend to hang them from. They don’t cost you anything else after you have them installed. If you would like to purchase these, contact Bohl Crane at www.bohlco.com.