When you hear the term “plastic extrusion,” it simply means melting certain thermoplastic materials, such as pellets or granules, in order to shape the plastic into something continuous, such as piping or tubing, fencing, window frames, and wire insulation, to name a few.

Many companies offer custom plastic extrusions so you can get what you’re looking for even if it’s a little unique or rare. These manufacturers can also include additives such as UV inhibitors and colorants to give the final product special properties, and it all costs a lot less than you think.

The Basics of the Extrusion Process

The plastic extrusion process is used for high-volume jobs and works continuously to create the items. With plastic injection molding, the items are made in batches, but the extrusion process is continuous and the items made have tons of applications.

Custom extrusion is especially useful for many different industries, and some of the plastics these companies work with include polycarbonate, both flexible and rigid PVC, thermoplastic rubbers (TPRs), ABS, and acrylic, among others.

When You Expect the Very Best

If you need products made with the extrusion process, choosing a reputable company is crucial. You can check out most companies that offer custom plastic extrusions online, which means that you can visit their website and determine whether or not they can offer what you need. Products are made every day of the year, and they usually require a multi-step process from start to finish. Only an experienced company can handle plastic extrusions, but they are easy to find.