As the interest in wine goes up throughout the county, more and more wine connoisseur are changing that old spare bedroom, office, or even storage closet into a home wine room. These rooms may be designed to hold just a few racks of wine or a much more extensive collection, complete with a lovely space to sit back and enjoy your favorite wines.

How to Design a Wine Room

A wine room, which is also called a wine cellar even if it isn’t in the basement, needs to be carefully planned in your home. Ideally, it should be in a central area of the home, away from the exterior walls. Avoid any rooms that get direct sunlight, as this will create temperature changes that are not at all good for your wine.

You will also need to have a secure, solid, and top quality door. This may sound strange, but you need to keep the humidity and the temperature as consistent as possible. The ideal temperature is going to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity should be at or about 57%.

The Importance of the Door

With no windows and proper insulation, the only area where temperature changes and humidity issues can occur is around the door. The correct installation of a wine room door that’s designed to avoid warping and to fit securely in the frame will provide great insulation, something that is essential.

Make a Statement

If you are going to have a wine room, or a wine cellar, then having a beautiful carved door should be a given. These doors can be carved on both sides so they are equally beautiful when you are looking at the room from the outside or enjoying a tasting inside.

To add to the style, you may want to consider a carved wine door that incorporates a rustic or traditional theme. You may also want to consider a particular design element, such as grape leaves and clusters, or even monogram your family initial in the design of the door.

Keep in mind that, if you are considering carved wine doors, you may also wish to add a transom or glass that can add light, without allowing any direct sunlight into the room. Tempered and specialty types of glass are a great option to give your wine room that airy and open look without compromising on your wine storage facility.

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