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Common Procedures Performed by Foot Surgeons in Kenosha, WI

Few patients struggling with foot or ankle problems want to consider surgery, but there are some circumstances in which medical treatment simply isn’t an effective alternative. Qualified podiatrists will offer medical treatment before resorting to surgery but they’ll also know when to refer their patients to foot

How to Find a Great Podiatrist near Plano

If you have a current or recurring foot problem, it can be causing you a lot of pain and discomfort. This can be injury-related, disease-related, or aesthetic in nature. You need to know a good podiatrist near Plano who can treat or help you manage the condition.

Senior Citizen Caregivers Need A Break, Too

Everyone needs a break at one time or another. For some, weekends are when they relax and enjoy life. Others find it after work or make time during the day. Yet, for those whose life focuses on senior citizen care in Pinellas County, a break of any

Answering Questions About Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY

Allergy testing in Louisville KY is necessary to find out exactly what an individual is allergic to. Many people think they are allergic to something when they aren’t. Medical professionals know how important it is to not play guessing games while trying to diagnose allergies. With tests,

Breastfeeding and Vitamin D Deficiency: What You Need to Know

The CDC recommends that breast-fed and partially breast-fed infants receive supplementation with 400 IU of vitamin D per day. It can be shocking in a society where women are taught that “breast is best” and that breastmilk can supply all of the nutritional needs of a newborn