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Dance Classes Are Not Always About Performing In a Competition

There are so many people who are interested in dance but have never taken a dance class in their life. In some cultures, children grow up dancing and thus turn into adults who incorporate it into their daily life. For those who admire the art of dancing

Male Menopause: What it is and How to Treat It

When you hear the word menopause, you typically associate the condition with middle-aged women and the physical changes that accompany a drop in estrogen production. But women are the only ones affected by menopause. Men also experience their own form of menopause as they age, called andropause.

Streamline Your Assisted Living Pharmacy Services in Cincinnati, OH

If your organization is struggling with all of its medication management, it is not alone. Many organizations today are finding it very difficult to manage prescription medication needs of their patients. This can become rather difficult in some situations such as in assisted living locations. Generally, these

Common Skin Flaws Treated by Cosmetic Services

Maintaining good skin care practices can help prevent many conditions and help keep the skin looking healthy, smooth and firm. Skin problems can occur due to aging, exposure to the environment or any number of other factors. There are some common skin blemishes resulting from genetics or

The Benefits of Electrochemical CO2 Sensors

If you are tasked with operating any building that uses an HVAC system, you know that it runs ventilation at all times, whether or not it is actually required at the moment. This represents a substantial waste of energy. According to one report, the wrong ventilation rate