Whether you sell a product or offer a service to customers, keeping your business safe and secure should be a top priority. Every year, Chicago companies are negatively impacted by shoplifting, inventory shrinkage, vandalism, and employee theft. Monitoring a business on your own or with the help of an individual security guard is nearly an impossible task. A Commercial Security Service can provide you with the latest tools and technology to keep your small business protected.

Security Cameras Provide Proof of Theft

Security cameras, often called closed circuit television systems, help prevent fraud to increase your company’s bottom line. They let you track several areas of your facility from one convenient location. Small business owners can easily monitor the activity of both customers and employees to reduce theft and other potentially harmful activities. In buildings that contain a warehouse, inventory can be carefully tracked. This can be very beneficial for monitoring shipping deliveries and departures.

Convenience of a Master Key System

A master key system provides a simple, effective way for business owners to safeguard their properties. It allows employees and security guards access to different areas of a building by using just one key. This eliminates the hassle of fumbling for the right key when unlocking different doors. Having a Commercial Security Service install a master key system lets you control who has access to specific areas of a company. This type of security system can be used for both internal doorways and main entrances.

Electronic Locks Keep Inventory and Employees Safe

An electronic lock and keypad system eliminates the need for any keys. This security method is beneficial because keys can easily be lost, misplaced, or stolen. When the proper code is typed in, an electrical current disengages the lock. Most systems have an additional feature that limits access after several failed code attempts. Periodic code changes provide extra security if a company thinks an unauthorized party may have knowledge of the previous code.

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