When someone has been arrested and taken to jail, fast release on bail is not always possible. A 24-hour bail bond in Shelton, CT is an option when defendants can’t afford bail, but they must find someone to act as their representative and arrange for the bond. That person must also get the service fee to pay the bonding agency. For some offenses, the defendant must wait for a bail hearing.

Food in Jail

At first, all the defendant wants is to get out. When it becomes clear that at least a couple of days will pass before this happens, eventually this individual will realize they are starting to get hungry. How do jails handle serving food to these short-term inmates? This isn’t like a big state prison with a cafeteria serving 1,000 or more offenders every day. Pretrial inmates are held in county or municipal lockup.

Jail Matrons and Meal Prep Workers

The situation is handled differently from jail to jail, depending on various factors. Jail matrons usually are in charge of developing weekly menus, although they have plenty of other duties as well. For instance, they supervise female inmates, making sure those women stay safe when male inmates are incarcerated at the same location.

Depending on the size of the jail, there may be several employees preparing the meals that the matron plans on a menu. There might be one hot lunch each day, with dinner consisting of cold sandwiches, and breakfast of cereal and milk. The employees preparing meals only have so much time to make three of them for everyone.

Nutritious Menus

Motivated jail matrons may go over menus with a dietitian to make sure inmates who have to remain behind bars for several weeks can eat nutritious food. These inmates may not be able to get a 24-hour bail bond in Shelton, CT because a judge has denied the opportunity for bail or bond.

Even when the food is tasty and plentiful, defendants who were granted bail still want to get of jail as soon as possible so they can continue with their lives. They can usually do this with the help of an agency such as Aces Bail Bonds. Check out the website for more information.