Most people aren’t crazy about sharing their homes with unwelcome guests. That’s especially true when those guests are crawling along the baseboards or scurrying around the attic. When any type of rodent or another vermin happens to find their way into the house, it makes sense to call a professional pest exterminator in Puyallup WA at once. Here are some of the signs that today is the day to make that call.

Droppings in the Corner

One of the first signs something is amiss is the presence of tiny droppings along a baseboard or in a corner. Typically, this means the infestation is already in progress. Rather than wait for any further signs to materialize, call a pest exterminator in Puyallup WA and set up a service call. Once the professional determines how extensive the infestation happens to be, it will be easy to settle on the right way to get rid of the problem.

Damaged Food Packaging

Many types of pests love to get into the pantry and gnaw their way into boxes of food. When it’s obvious something other than a member of the household has been in the box of corn flakes, call an exterminator at once. Doing so will make it possible to bring the problem under control before all of that damaged food is replaced.

Unpleasant Odors

There’s a less-than-pleasant scent in the home, and it’s hard to pinpoint the origin. The problem could be due to rodents that have made a home in the attic insulation. Along with ripping the insulation to make nests, they will also use the space for the deposit of waste products. Once the exterminator gets rid of the rodents, it will be easy enough to replace the damaged insulation and get rid of that odor.

When any sign of pests appears, the best thing to do is call for help at once. It will not take long to find out what is going on and come up with the best way to rid the home of those pests. Talk with the professional about a service contract that will provide ongoing treatments and ensure those pests don’t return.