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Get Compensated for a Wrongful Death, Hire an Attorney in Joliet, IL

Losing a loved one is a tough thing to deal with, especially when there are concerns over how they died. If you feel that their passing could have been prevented with better care, different medication, or a different diagnosis, you may want to hire a wrongful death

The 411 on Illinois Property and Asset Division

For anyone who is planning to get divorced, it’s common to have some questions. Many of those may revolve around the way in which your assets and property will be split between your spouse and yourself. We want to share answers to some of the most commonly

A Guide to DCFS Defense in Oswego IL

Facing false accusations of child abuse is one of the most frightening experiences a parent can go through. These offenses carry heavy penalties, and while child abuse is an issue to be dealt with severely, false accusations are an unfortunate reality. It’s important for parents to fight

An Estate-Planning Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Estate planning is not something that should be taken lightly; one wrong word can make a major difference in your intent. It is well worth it to hire an estate planning lawyer in Anaheim. There are valid reasons for making this critical decision. Avoid probate: Even those

Amendment to Inheritance Rights for Unborn Children in Illinois

In 2015, Illinois passed the Illinois Parentage Act, which has made a substantial change to previous probate law when considering posthumous children. The new terms of the provision state that a posthumous child is not to be considered the child of a decedent where inheritance is concerned