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Use a Legal Professional To Assist With MSRS Retirement in St. Paul

If you’re employed as a Minnesota state trooper or firefighter and injured on the job, your top priority will likely be to receive assistance for any medical challenges. Once this is resolved, you may want to seek the guidance of a specialized legal professional who takes cases

Plane Crashes and Victims’ Rights

Though airplane crashes are rare, they can have a devastating impact on survivors’ lives. The medical bills, loss of livelihood, and emotional stress often require financial compensation. Since the rights of plane crash victims can vary based on what exactly caused the crash, an experienced airplane accident

Should I Get a Social Security Lawyer for an SSDI Claim?

If you have recently become disabled, whether due to injury or illness, you should open your Social Security Disability claim as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t embark on this complicated legal journey on your own. Although it is possible to represent yourself in an SSDI application