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How can you tell if the auto body shop did a great job?

You know what your car looked like before the accident and you know what it looks like after it was repaired but how do you know if the auto body shop in Plainfield NJ really fixed everything perfect? The last time you laid eyes on your car

Why Does a Car Inspection in New Jersey Matter?

Many people understand the importance of a car inspection before purchasing a used car, but not everyone grasps the idea of having their vehicles inspected on a regular basis. In fact, choosing to have the car or truck completely inspected once a year makes it possible to

The Top Reasons to Have Your Vehicle Serviced Professionally After a Wreck

A car accident can bring your everyday routine to a grinding halt. You find yourself tasked with making fast decisions about how and where to get your car serviced and put back in road-worthy condition. Instead of having your vehicle towed to your home so that you

How to Find the Right Automotive Repair Shop in State Center IA

In order for a person to get from point A to point B, they will need to have a great running vehicle. Keeping a vehicle in good shape is no easy job and will usually require the help of a mechanic. For the most part, there will